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Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) is a policy designed to cover your monthly loan or credit card payments (or a percentage of them) if you cannot meet the payments due to being unable to work. PPI applies to those who cannot work due to illness, injury caused by an accident, or those who have been made redundant.

Over the last ten years, PPI claims have been big news. Loan and credit card providers have routinely mis sold PPI to those for whom the insurance policy is inappropriate People who have been affected by mis sold PPI policies are now making PPI claims, and you could be one of them if you pursue a claim today.

You will need to find out if you have been paying PPI if you are not 100% sure. We offer a free check, which allows you to find out whether or not you may have been mis-sold. For more details on our process, please click here

If you have a mortgage, loan, credit card, store card or any other loaned finance in the last 10 years, you may have had Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) included as part of the agreement. Check the agreements and statements to see if it includes PPI.

For loans, the PPI may be a single-premium policy, which will be shown on your loan agreement as a lump sum added to the loan.

For a credit card, PPI charges are added to your account each month, so this should be shown on your statements.

You may have been mis sold PPI if:

  • You didn't ask for PPI, but it was added to the policy anyway?
  • You were told the insurance was compulsory, or that you would have a better chance of getting the loan approved if you decided to take it.
  • You were not aware that including PPI was optional, or that you could purchase cheaper PPI cover elsewhere.
  • You were unemployed, retired or self-employed when you took out the cover.
  • A range of other failings were possible, depending upon your individual circumstances.

You can check whether or not you have had PPI in a number of ways:

  • You have a credit agreement that has included the term(s) Insurance, PPI, ASU, or a combination or similar term.
  • You have a charge for insurance, such as a single premium, or a % every month, depending upon your balance.
  • You can conduct your own SAR – Subject Access Request, which will allow you to request any details an organisation has on you within the last 6 years.
  • You take advantage of iSmart’s Free PPI check, which in conjunction with Financial Institutions have agreed with CMCs to pre-submit client details to confirm the existence of PPI. Financial companies not part of this process, will be dealt with under the SAR procedure

PPI Claims Deadline: Make a Claim Before It’s Too Late

Payment protection insurance is the UK’s biggest financial scandal with over £40bn put aside to repay customers who were mis-sold policies. However, the Financial Conduct Authority may approve a proposed summer 2019 deadline for all PPI claims – despite...
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New Proposals Could Mean Banks Pocket £23bn

It has been revealed that banks stand to pocket up to £23bn in unpaid payment protection insurance (PPI) compensation when brand new deadlines come into play. Under new plans, the government and regulators intend to force the banks to invest £42m into...
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Financial Conduct Authority Delays Final Decision

In August of this year, the Financial Conduct Authority announced that by the end of 2016 it would have deliberated and confirmed a date by which all compensation claims related to the mis-selling of Payment Protection Insurance must be entered. At the...
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